Access to data from the construction site

In practice, we are increasingly facing with offices right on the construction site, where employees of access to information and data requires a constant connection to the PBX. With the expansion of Internet access points, this is no longer a problem.

In the team mode, all the data must be located on the company’s network server, to which all those whose rapid information is accessed is required to perform their activities.

Access to data on the SQL server of a company from a dislocated unit is possible with the notebook computer on which the 4BUILD software is installed. For this purpose, Virtual Private Network (VPN) needs to be established.

We recommend OpenVPN – Open Source VPN, which contains many security and control functions, and is cost-effective for the user.

When the virtual private network is in place, in 4BUILD we set the connection in the Administration window to the server and database name. By doing so, we access all data of 4BUILD projects. What is being prepared in the commercial (Offers) is upgraded in the operative with a monthly billing. All participants have an immediate insight into the activities and the amount (amounts) that were already realized on the project for a particular month.