4BUILD INŽENIRING is the online extension of the 4BUILD STANDARD desktop solution, which simplifies and speeds up the process of capturing data.

Who is it for

4BUILD INŽENIRING is used by all stakeholders in construction and investment projects. It provides remote access to data and contains all those operations that are usually performed outside the company (participation in the tender, the entry of a construction book, the production of monthly and accounting situations, and the analysis of the developments on the project). Users of the solution are the investor, its designer and all contractors and subcontractors and supervisors who, on the principle of one-time entry, enter every part of their project information.

4BUILD INŽENIRING enables: Access to projects, budgets, bills, tenders, regardless of the device and the operating system via a web browser

PARTICIPATION PHASE PARTICIPANTS: Participants in the project: Investor, designer, contractor, service provider and material – Data entry and control of the project according to rights and obligations
PROJECTS: review of active projects with basic data;
PROFORMA INVOICE: creation of additional items in the pro forma invoice and direct entry of prices by calculation, adjustment of the final market price in the negotiations;
TENDERS: list of tendered works, preparation of subcontracting and e-submission

EXHIBITION PHASE PARTS: Participants on the project: Investor, designer, contractor, subcontractor, supervisory service – data entry and supervision of the project with regard to rights and obligations.
PROJECTS: review of active projects,
PROFORMA INVOICE: an overview of basic data;
TENDERS: an overview of open and completed;
CALCULATIONS: preparation of subcontracting and e-submission

Solutions benefits

  • Organization: A common platform for different participants with different responsibilities and tasks on the same project and with the same baseline data.
  • Completeness: All information about a single project in one place (Value and basic data of the project, the value of the budget, the content of the budget, the value of the situations, the overview of the calculated items)
  • Documentation: Prepare a variety of documents from offerings to situations, directly from the program in .pdf or Excel format
  • Data Access: Allows you to view and edit information in a web browser regardless of device, operating system, or location
  • Tenders: Review of all subcontracted subcontracts and value by individual tenderers and direct submission of tenders
  • Calculation: One-time entry of performed works and immediate preparation of the sub-contractor’s situation as well as the main contractor for the final customer
  • User experience: Immediate and easy to use without demanding initial training on use

Why 4BUILD inženiring

The success of a construction investment project is increasingly important to managing costs and ensuring the cost-effectiveness of services.

In practice, this means immediate insight into the content of the project, the tender, the budget and the already published situations, as well as the current monthly calculations.