4BUILD BIM Virtualization of construction

Software interface 4BUILD BIM Virtualization of construction is complemented by a 3D object model made in any 3D modeler with a financial and time component of construction. From the information written in the standardized IFC file format, it draws the predicted quantities and dimensions. The data thus obtained is supplemented with a technological and normative background.
To visualize the object and simplify the process, a BIM model viewer is built into the program. With its help, the construction object can be reviewed, and at the same time analyze all the attributes and quantities that belong to the individual elements of the model.


The cost estimation process is simplified, because the program allows you to combine related items into groups. The user groups determine the envisaged construction technology, which is selected from the standardized inventory databases. It then associates the technology envisaged with the inventory in the pro forma invoice. When calculating, 4BUILD takes into account the amounts calculated in the 3D model and the normative background of the technology from the 4BUILD program. Based on this data, it calculates the estimated use of all resources and the cost of construction.

All elements of the 3D model are unambiguously linked to the inventory, and for each inventory it is possible to determine which elements it consists of. When changing the model, the program recognizes previously created connections and refreshes the quantities calculations without additional user interventions and calculates the new price of the project.


To prepare a timetable, it is necessary to combine groups of elements into project activities that connect with standard planned activities.

From the quantities in the Construction Book and in the Accounting Situations, the program identifies the completion of individual groups and prepares a graphic representation of the course of construction with the drawing of the elements according to the status of completion.