Import of Excel spreadsheets to 4BUILD

Most inventories prepared by designing houses to investors or engineering companies are ready with tools for working tables, usually a MS Excel.

In 4BUILD we included a very useful and indispensable tool for converting records from the Excel spreadsheet into a standardized form with a tree view of the type and subtype of works and the related items.

Since Excel allows free columns and rows to be formatted, and the structure and format are not standardized, tools are added to the 4BUILD Excel interface, which allow us to define which data are in each column.

It is the same with the rows where the program points to, on which level the individual type or subtype works and what is the item or note. 4BUILD Excel interface also has some very useful tools for mass-data processing, which significantly reduces the time of preparation of the document for import. The program keeps information about the placement of an individual data in the original Excel spreadsheet. This allows the offer to be transmitted in the original document, by direct exporting the prices to the Excel spreadsheet, if the customer wants or requests.