4BUILD – Invoice

In the calculation for the selected situation, directly in the 4BUILD program, we can also prepare the account statement as an independent bookkeeping document. We attach to the account the settlement situations with the address and the back side, and the contents with the recapitulation.

The invoice contains all the statutory items with the option of printing directly to the printer or in the .pdf format as an e-invoice attachment.

When we entered the quantities executed in the 4BUILD billing program, we can also prepare the display of the final value of the current situation with the account in the Editing of bills or in the electronic version of the Construction Book.


When preparing an account, all the data of the contractor and the client are automatically prepared from the contractual budget, and the value of the derivative works itself from the current accounting situation. We only specify on which account the revenues or receivables will be evidenced, the clauses will be selected, supplemented by additional notes and the currency will be changed, insofar as the contractual term of payment is different from the predetermined deadline.

The issue of an invoice directly from the 4BUILD program is for anyone who wants to quickly, prepare, print or attach a file to an e-invoice. It is primarily intended for companies that do not have their own accounting program or are linked to an external accountancy service, which may present a time and organizational difficulty in issuing an invoice.

eInvoice in 4BUILD

4BUILD generates an eInvoice in standard XML form and as an attachment in .pdf format. It also allows you to view all the accounts that are prepared on the basis of a validated construction book and issues issued.

The eInvoice can be prepared in conjunction with eBilling Hermes.

(Not an integral part of 4BUILD – sold separately)