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4BUILD is a complete solution for Building Companies, Engineering, Designing Houses, Subcontractors and others.

4BUILD provides comprehensive support to project management, from planning with an investment appraisal, tender, pro forma invoice, ABC analysis, calculation bases, to planning, clearing, calculations and account. 4BUILD already basically includes the calculation bases with the database / PZ / for high construction with the possibility of using additional PZ.

4BUILD BIM – VITRUALIZATION OF CONSTRUCTION enables the monitoring and visualization of the construction.

4BUILD ENGINEERING provides remote access to data and contains all those operations that are usually performed outside of the company (participation in the tender, the entry of a construction book, the production of monthly and accounting situations and the analysis of the developments on the project).


Documents in 4BUILD Standard

The 4BUILD Standard package has the ability to attach documents to help document feeding and control. The 4BUILD Standard program allows the entire documentation to be stored in one place. It can be accessed through a program anywhere in the structure to which the data relates. All persons having access to the content of the 4BUILD Standard program are also enabled with a single click to access related documents. More…