Economic analysis

The financial analysis of the project is the most important part of the presentation of the feasibility of the investment plan. And a purely credible financial analysis depends on the quantity and accuracy of information about the project. One of the criteria is economic / profit, whereby we calculate the net profit and coverage of the investment and, of course, the key – the return on investment.

A good indicator of the difference between the net value of the investment and the sale price is quickly obtained in the 4BUILD program under the economic analysis tab. The value of the investment is analyzed by basic types of production sources, such as work, material, fixed assets, intermediate products and services. For each type we have the possibility of an even more detailed display according to the classifications. For example for materials we present values for concrete, asphalt, gravel, plastic materials ….

Crucial to the correct display is the calculation at a net price where the price of an individual source is its purchase value. All indirect costs and estimated profits, which are linked to the selling price of the production resource or services, are shown separately.