Online document management system DocSys MANAGER provides a simple, fast and secure access to all your business documents. Documents are available from any device connected to the World Wide Web site. The system acts as a service (SAAS), and you can start using it immediately. You only need a web browser to start.

DocSys MANAGER ensures the storage of complete documentation in one place. It unifies storage processes, provides a faster flow of information and access to documentation, and at the same time prevents unauthorized access to important information. The classification and categorization of documents makes the system transparent. An unlimited set of metadata provides a detailed description of the content. Version control and notification system changes ensure that the user is promptly informed of events in the system. Powerful search engine with a wide range of search criteria helps to find even the most hidden document.

Additional search help is the keyword that can be used to equip the document. By joining documents, the user prepares documentary sets of related content that can be quickly reviewed.

DocSys MANAGER is fully integrated into the operation of the 4BUILD software package. Documents can be accessed through a program anywhere in the structure to which it relates. All people who have access to the contents of the 4BUILD program are also able to store and access related documents stored in the cloud.

Saving documents in the program is simple and fast. In the right part of the screen is always available Documents tab, as users already familiar from versions 4BUILD STANDARD:

In the document menu, the document can be searched, further described and saved. Existing documents can upload new versions. In this case, the latest version of the document is always visible in 4BUILD, while DocSys MANAGER also keeps old versions and allows them to be reviewed or re-used.