4BUILD PROJEKTIVA is a software solution for designers and designing houses. 

It provides an easy, transparent and and fast design construction investment projects, with the aim of providing realistic estimates of the value of the projects. The program basically involves the effective calculating rate base to the database for high building. The ability of using additional databases.

4BUILD PROJEKTIVA includes functionalities:


editing a standard database of descriptions and norms (classic or technical calculation); managing production resources and regulating a set of price lists; creating own database of descriptions with norms and production sources; standardized databases for various fields of construction; simple import of inventories and adoption of technology and norms for market value calculation; automatically add descriptions and prices to standard item codes (Excel, PIS, BIM)


editing the content of the inventories; the preparation of the assessment of the investment; ABC analysis of items; printing; automatically add descriptions and prices to the standard codes of items (Excel, PIS, BIM); a simple calculation using the formula predizmer geometric figures; transparent production of extracts of the inventories of key items on the project; quickly determine the financial impact of the change on the project; the usefulness of the pre-made projects which increase the value of databases; display and data export (.PDF formats, .RTF, .xls, .jpg, etc.); greater coordination of the project documentation; the rise in productivity due to better exchange of information between the participants; a new look at the visualization of the project


two-way connection with Excel documents is enabled; project information system PIS

  • Other databases (not included-sold separately)