The 4BUILD LITE software solution is intended for small construction and construction companies to quickly respond to market demand by quickly compiling the budget and simply carrying out a market adjustment of the budget items.

The program basically involves the effective calculating rate base to the database for high building. The ability to use additional databases.

4BUILD LITE includes functionalities:

    editing a standard database of descriptions and norms (classic or technical calculation); managing production resources and regulating a set of price lists; creating own database of descriptions with norms and production sources; standardized databases for various fields of construction; simple import of inventories and adoption of technology and norms for market value calculation; automatically add descriptions and prices to standard item codes (Excel, PIS, BIM)
    selection, review and editing of the project, project groups, project data (type, number and date of the building permit, start date, deadline, value, place of performance, investor, contractor, project office, project manager, manager, supervisor, …) Analysis of the project with a detailed overview of the value of contractual budgets and the presentation of the current value of the project and the level of completion. List of all estimates, situation of previous periods and in the preparation, published and concluded tenders, list of subcontractors on the project and analysis of charged items with an overview of the preliminary value of the calculation and the current status of the calculated quantities and values by individual items and groups of works
    drawing up a budget for works by composing own positions or from available collections; a quick investment appraisal with the presentation of key items on the project; arranging the contents of the budget and the calculation pricelist; ABC analysis; transparent production of inventory extracts by individual facilities; species and subspecies of works; quickly identifying the financial implications of the change on the project; the usability of pre-fabricated projects that increase the value of databases; a comprehensive overview of the project’s time and money framework (4D and 5D technology)
    preparation of the situation on the project with the presentation of the calculated quantities of each period; managing the quantity of the situation; construction book; preparation of construction works sheets with dimensions and sketches; simple calculation of the measurement using the formulas of geometric characters; daily maintenance of the building log; ABC analysis; a comprehensive insight into costs and a review of key items and resources on the project; printing the situation and clearing sheets; Quick preparation of monthly bills showing all key information in one place; preparing and printing an account; after calculation
    two-way connection with Excel documents is enabled; project information system PIS
  • Other databases (not included-sold separately)