4BUILD and your role in construction projects

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4BUILD provides comprehensive support from planning with an investment appraisal, tender, budget, ABC analysis, calculation basics to planning, clearing, calculations and account.

4BUILD BIM VISUALIZATION OF BUILDING is an intelligent tool that combines object visualization and census preparation.

4BUILD ENGINEERING / online solution / provides access to projects, budgets, bills, tenders. Access can be provided to: designers, contractors, subcontractors, supervisors and other stakeholders in the process.

The 4BUILD software solution is the result of more than 20 years of professional monitoring, research and project work in the field of construction informatics. In developing and maintaining the 4BUILD solution, IT, economists, builders and architects are involved. The opinions and recommendations of engineers, supervisors and investors have been taken into account. 4BUILD references are experiences in many successfully completed construction and investment projects. 4BUILD is also used as a teaching tool at the construction faculty and secondary schools. 4BUILD enables the use of BIM technology. The 4BUILD BIM Integration Module provides interaction work among the participants in the project and, together with the remaining solutions, covers all stakeholders in the process of designing and implementing construction projects.