4BUILD BIM integration with URBANO

The BIM integration solution between the URBANO and 4BUILD programs is intended for all water, sewage and other pipe system designers who wish to calculate the estimated investment cost in addition to preparing the project.

The projected cost of the project is one of the most important factors in deciding on the implementation of the project. A quick and simple costing process is crucial in designing alternative solutions and deciding on the suitability of individual variants. Well prepared lists allow you to plan and control the achievement of the plan and goals at the time of implementation.

By using standardized lists of inventories and norms in the 4BUILD software solution, the user prepares a cost estimate in only a few steps, and also produces a pro forma invoice for projects where he acts as a contractor. Any changes in the project are reflected in the project costs by refreshing the data.

Based on the outline of pipes, nodes and definitions of all necessary shafts and other elements selected from the URBANO library, 4BUILD calculates all the needs for materials, services and other resources. 4BUILD complements the lists thus prepared with norms and prices. When the enumerator adds items that can not be displayed in a 3D model (for example, preparation of project documentation, preparatory work …), all the costs and the necessary resources for the implementation of the project are accurately shown.

Thus prepared data allow fast and efficient preparation of operational plans and accounting data in the phase of implementation, and analysis of the project at all stages of project preparation to implementation.

What the user needs:

  • AutoCAD, Civil 3D or Map version from 2010 to 2017 or BricsCAD from V13 to V17
  • URBANO 9
  • Addition 4BUILD BIM

Project plot in Urbano program:

Preparation of the inventories in 4BUILD

Calculation of estimated project costs