4BUILD BIM integration with ArchiCAD

The BIM Integration solution between ARCHICAD and 4BUILD is designed for architects, designers and builders who use ARCHICAD for design, documentation and collaboration on construction projects. With a minimal contribution of additional work, they enable them to prepare a forward and financial assessment of the project, based on the 3D model of the building.


Control of costs and timetables is one of the decisive factors in ensuring the performance of construction and other infrastructure facilities. Quick and easy costing procedures allow you to create variant solutions. Using standard database lists and norms provides quick and easy preparation of variant calculations and comparability of individual versions. Subsequent changes in the project due to changed wishes of the investor or adaptation to the real situation on the construction site, refreshing the data without additional calculations also reflect in the project costs.

The user in ARCHICAD is projecting the object, and the architectural elements are equiped with a simple technology mark or a composite to be used in the execution of this element. The program calculates and collects the needs for all production sources in the link table. 4BUILD connects the prepared lists to standard lists of censuses, thus complementing them with norms and prices. If necessary, the inventor adds items that are not displayed in the 3D model (preparatory work …). By doing so, he obtains a detailed account of all the costs and resources needed for the implementation of the project.

When preparing the project, the cost estimation data can be upgraded with the preparation of operational plans in 4BUILD. In the implementation phase of the project, it is possible for the contractor to easily prepare the calculation, as well as the cost and time analysis of the project at all stages.

What the user needs:

  • ARCHICAD version 20 or higher
  • Addition 4BUILD BIM
  • 4BUILD Integration Libraries for ARCHICAD

Plotting project in the ARCHICAD

Transfer of inventories in 4BUILD

Calculation of estimated project costs